Sequential illustration is a passion of mine. Bringing my narrative skills up to the level of my visuals is a work in constant progress: a challenge I’m committed to overcoming.

Parlor Magic

My first foray into webcomics. Site still under construction – link coming soon!

Set in 1935 Paris, Parlor Magic follows Bérénice Travert, a young woman who runs a magic trick shop by day. By night, she searches for a way to discover what happened to her favorite jazz singer who disappeared mysteriously in 1925. Oh, and her secret? She knows real magic.

Fan Comics

It’s wonderful when something inspires you to create something else. Fan artists the world over have created countless works of art, poetry, prose, sculpture, music, and more based on those pieces of media which have resonated with them. One of my big ones is Star Trek: The Original Series.

Overly Confident – part of the shore leave issue of This Simple Feeling Fanzine.
Ramblin’ Man